Glowing Meal Plans

Glowing Meal Plans

2 Seasons

This series invites you to go on a plant-based journey.

Unique meal plans designed by Christa to help you incorporate healthy plant-based foods in your lifestyle and explore the benefits. A way to jump in, take stock, assess how it makes you feel as well as provide you with a meal plan to return to when you feel like it.

These meal plans are not desinged for you to stick to rigidly and not have freedom. They are designed to help guide and teach you so you can cultivate a loving relationship with food where you really can count your colors and not your calories.

The series may take you into unchartered territory, no fear, you can return to this as much as you want.

Learn about plant-based living and try on the hat for a week in a fun way!

Learn some of my favorite meals.

Best of all, learn more about yourself and allow yourself to blossom into all that you can be.

Allow your food to work for and with you, to be your friend and not your enemy.

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Glowing Meal Plans
  • Season 2 Episode 1 - Glowing Meal Plan Recipes

    960 KB

    Recipes you need for season 2 episode 1 of the Glowing Meal Plan Series!

  • NEW Glowing Meal Plan Series - S2E1

    Episode 1

    Welcome back to the Glowing Meal Plan Series filled with delicious food!

    What's on the menu?
    Chili and Cornbread
    Wraps & more!

    You'll love this new meal plan filled with healthy plantbased food.

    This meal plan is designed for two people but may be revised easily, double for fou...