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  • Glowing Meal Plans with ArtisticVegan.com Season 2

    6 videos  |   Buy $33.99

    Welcome to season 2 of the glowing meal plan series where you will find 6 weeks of plant-based meals.

    Continue your plant-based journey with 6 new weeks of plant-based recipes.
    Enjoy new recipes designed by Christa to help you make vegan eating accessable from breakast to dinner for 6 weeks. Yo...

  • Glowing Meal Plans with ArtisticVegan.com Season 1

    7 videos  |   Buy $33.99

    This series invites you to go on a plant-based journey.

    Unique meal plans designed by Christa to help you incorporate healthy plant-based foods in your lifestyle and explore the benefits. A way to jump in, take stock, assess how it makes you feel as well as provide you with a meal plan to return...

  • Gravity Body Academy Structural Integration School

    27 videos  |   Buy $700

    Gravitybody Structural Academy is proud to offer a complete online education to those that want a more modern experience.

    A pre-requisite to the GravityBody Academy (GBA) is completion of the 3-part series Anatomy and Physiology or an equivalent source. https://geraldclark77.vhx.tv/products/g...

  • Gravity Body Academy Structural Anatomy 3-Part Series with Gerald Clark

    4 videos  |   Buy $295

    Imagine leaning a tedious topic like human anatomy in the comfort of your home versus obtaining it the old fashioned way, in an outdated classroom with all the drama that goes with it. This anatomy series uses advanced 3D CGI complete human anatomy models for an in depth tour and detailed visual ...