Learn, Grow, Expand.

Learn, Grow, Expand.

Let's grow together!

Join Christa in information videos geared to learning new and ancient information and bringing it to you in a fun and exciting way. Also tips and tricks that help Christa and may help you too.

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Learn, Grow, Expand.
  • The Empowered Empath with Betty Steele & Christa Clark

    Join Betty Steele of astrologywithbetty.com & Christa Clark of artisticvegan.com for an empowering discussion. We cover topics like....

    What is an Empath?
    How can astrology help an empathic person?
    How yoga, structural integration and a plant-based lifestyle can benefit an empathic person, t...

  • Astrology with Betty Steele & Christa Clark

    Join Betty Steele of Astrology with Betty and Christa Clark with Artistic Vegan in a fun conversation. Betty starts the conversation with astrological insights for this week and the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. We talk about the benefits of structural integration (SI), veganism, kundalini awakenings, ...

  • Join Gerald and Christa Clark with Astrology with Betty!

    Join Gerald and Christa Clark in a fresh new interview with Betty Steele of astrologywithbetty.com.

    Betty is a Long Island Astrologer and has been fascinated with astrology since she was a child. She is actively practicting at astrologywithbetty.com doing what she loves most. Betty views astr...

  • Ancient Mayan Traditions: What Did They Eat? by Artistic Vegan

    Through my husband, Gerald Clark, I have been turned onto ancient history. We have had the joy of visiting different ancient sites in Mexico as well as the Anthropology Museum. I am turned on by the amount of food that grows in Mexico and love learning and trying the new varieties. Learn what the...

  • Vegan Travel Tips for Healthy Eating - Mazatlán

    When I go on travel I notice, at first, I don't know what to bring. I start wondering how I can make the trip a success by still providing healthy meals, yet not killing my vacation buzz. After a few trips I've learned a few things and wanted to share them with you. In this video I'll share some ...