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  • Spanakopita w/Homemade Phyllo Dough - Vegan & GF!

    One of our premium members, Renee Molinary, requested Spanakopita with vegan feta, permission to make it "buttery" with oil and as good as her mama makes it. I tried my best to make a fresh, homemade Greek Spinach Cheese Pie made vegan. The results were literally out of this world. You can buy th...

  • Glowing Meal Plan S1E6 - Season Finale!!

    Welcome to the Season Finale of the Glowing Meal Plan Series filled with delicious food and lots of new recipes!

    What's on the menu?
    Breakfast Burritos
    Indian Food such as Masala & Pakora
    Sweet Potato Sliders
    Toltec Power Bowls
    and more!!!

    You'll love this new meal plan filled with fre...

  • Glowing Meal Plan S1E5 - 1 Week of Plant-Based Meals

    ​This week has a fun theme of PB&J with comforting classics and new fun twists. New recipes like my take on Yakisoba, new must-have soup recipes that are easy, nutritious and satistyfing.

    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to make, what to eat, how to not get bored, what will I feed mysel...

  • Glowing Meal Plan S1E4 - 1 Week of Plant-Based Meals

    ​This week is full of delicious new meals, including:
    *One Pan Dinner
    *Pasta and more tasty offerings to keep your tastebuds happy!

    Sometimes it can be hard to know what to make, what to eat, how to not get bored, what will I feed myself my family, or my loved o...

  • Glowing Meal Plans S1E3 - Plant-Based Meal Plans

    Welcome to S1E3 of the Glowing Meal Plan Series!!!

    This week is all about ease. Easy breakfast, prep and meals with no lack of creativity or flavor! Appetizing dishes all week long.

    Each recipe and day has been designed by Christa just for you! You can come back and repeat this anytime you...

  • Glowing Meal Plans S1E2 - Plant-Based Meal Plan!

    Welcome BACK to S1E2 of the Glowing Meal Plan Series!!!

    Download the eBook to go with it, your go-to guide! You'll find a grocery list, food prep instructions, full recipes and more.

    Enjoy a new unique meal plan designed by Christa that you can return to anytime you feel like.

    Have fun...

  • Glowing Meal Plan - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - S1E1

    S1E1 – Welcome!
    You are invited to join me in S1E1 for week 1 with full breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes 6 days a week with one free day.
    Enjoy unique meal plans designed by Christa to help you incorporate healthy plant-based foods in your lifestyle and explore the benefits. A way to jump ...

  • Full Body Burn in 20 Minutes

    Ignite. Spark. Light your inner fire and feel the burn in a new 20 minute yoga class. This class can be returned to again and again. Sometimes it is nice to get a quick burn and get back to work.

  • Yoga for Balance

    In this yoga practice you'll be invited to try various standing postures on one leg, these are great to finding your center and to improve your balance. Find length and strength as you stretch, move and breathe through this new yoga class designed for you by Christa.

    This practice is designed...

  • Spiced Cranberry Cider

    Spiced Cranberry Cider is a special warming aromatic drink. Roaring with immunity boosting powers this beverage is designed to warm you up from the inside out in no time. Let me know what you think of the Spiced Cranberry Cider below!!

    Featuring Music from:

  • PB Chai Chocolate Chip Cookies

    We're making PB Chai Chocolate Chip Cookies! These are amazing! Upon baking them they spread out slightly, become nice and golden brown and the best part is when you take a bite into the soft and moist cookie. I've made these over and over because I love them so well.

    Music by:

  • Yoga for Your Hips

    Our hips are so vital to keep loose and limber, I know mine can get quite tight. This was designed to provide comfort and relief and may even take your practice further. Hop on your mat and stretch deep!

  • Yoga for a Strong Bod & Legs

    Join Christa in a 30 Minute Yoga Practice designed to light your inner fire. This is a yoga "burn" sequence where you can sculpt your body lean while stretching it long. Enjoy this new premium practice!

  • Seated Chair Yoga (Extended Version)

    Relieve back and shoulder tension in this seated chair yoga sequence. It is beneficial to practice yoga and what an easy way to do it, while seated. This is a great video for anyone wanting to incorporate yoga into their day and especially nice if the assistance of a chair is helpful. The origina...

  • Jalapeño Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

    Button cap mushrooms are brushed in a sweet and spicy mustard sauce and stuffed with Jalapeño Cream Cheese. They're baked 'til golden perfection for moist capsules heaping with filling. Great for parties, gatherings or just because! We chose the latter. Enjoy!

    Music by Ikson

  • Fiesta Platter (Mexican Themed Snack Tray)

    Join me in a little behind the scenes action before putting together an amazing fiesta platter! With guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and a new recipe for the most amazing jalapeño cheese dip that I know you'll love! The end result is so beautiful you'll want to dive right in.

    Featuring Music f...