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  • Yoga Therapy - Heal the Healer - Sweet Class for EVERYONE - Beginners Welcome

    This class is designed with love sweet love. Yoga therapy to give yourself the gift of healing. This class is the time, energy, touch and healing you deserve and need. "Take time to take care" as Louise Hay would say. Taking time to care for your divine temple that hosts your infinite spirit will...

  • 25 Minute Yoga Flow - Quick & Efficient | Yoga with Christa

    Take time for yourself in today's 25 minute class. You will have a chance to practice the splits, pigeon, backbends, headstand and more. Connect with your highest vibration.

    "When I pursue my highest vibration of love, I raise the vibration of all." - Seen on a meme and it resonated, I hope the ...

  • Toned & Flexible with Standing Splits

    In this class take time to explore your standing splits while also toning and finding flexibility. You will find crow, camel, headstand, and splits plus a chance to work your core and glutes in chair pose. Explore your strength and your flexibility all in one class.

  • Journey to Splits - 45 Minutes - Intermediate + Class

  • Spanakopita Trailer

    Spanakopita is a new premium recipe featuring homemade phyllo dough two ways! You'll adore this recipe!

  • Breathing Meditation Practice - Alternate Nostril Breathing - Kriya Yoga

    You are invited to join me in a Breathing Meditation Practice. This is something that Gerald and I take part in during the morning and evening as part of the Kriya yoga practice. It’s also done in many other forms of yoga and spiritual practices.

    We’ll start with Alternate Nostril Breathing. ...

  • What I Eat in a Day in Quarantine

    Hi sweet friends!

    I thought it would be fun to shoot a what I eat in a day style video while in quarantine, this was filmed on a Sunday and we had received fresh produce the week prior that I still had access to. The recipes are all available in my cookbook, as a member you get a free e-version,...

  • A Day in the Life | Preparing for Gerald's Birthday Party!

    We recently celebrated Gerald's birthday and I thought it would be fun to take you along for the ride. Come to town with us, visit a new Artisan bread shop and then unpack while I make a few things in preparation. The next day enjoy being in the kitchen with me as I make delicious vegan food for ...

  • Preparing a Meal for Guests (Without Stress)

    Sometimes you want to have company over. That can equate to cleaning the whole home, buying food, preparing food and serving it hot. How do you get it all done without stress? Join me to find out how I did it! In the end the guest of honor had a "perfect time" which you can't ask for more!

  • Warm Your Body & Soul with 3 New Soups | Vegan & GF | Premium Recipes

    I am excited to bring you 3 new soup recipes to warm your body, heart and soul! These are all unique, easy to make, full of nutrition and are delicious. Make them all at once for meal-prep or individually as desired. Let me know which one you like the best and if you have any requests for premium...

  • Strong & Flexible - 35-Min Flow - Yoga with Christa

    Step onto your mat for a new 35-minute premium class for you to gain strength while finding more flexibility. The class starts with a quick warm up from your head to your toes. Then we flow in a fun variety of sequences to target your strong yoga body including a couple balancing challenges. Befo...

  • Morning Yoga | Rise & Shine | 47 Minute Full Class for Premium

    Good morning sunshine! Rise and shine in a new yoga class specifically designed to gently awaken your body, activate your fascia, stretch and then flow. Morning routines are one of my favorite things and yoga is on the list. In this class we’ll enjoy Sun Salutation A, B and a fun flow designed to...

  • RECHARGE | 35 Minute Yoga Class | Intermediate

    A class to recharge your system. Slowing down your nervous system, charging up your prana and life force, activating your chi and energy and moving it around as you create more strength and tone your body. Flow through the asanas before finally winding down finding more flexibility. From head to ...

  • Tone & Lengthen - Lean Yoga Body (40 Min.) Intermediate

    A wonderful full body practice to strengthen, tone and lengthen all at once. We start slow, integrating our bodies, then build some fire and heat, then flow with that new energy and then wind it down, relaxing into the earth and into the mat, absorbing the energies of the practice. 40 minutes and...

  • Yoga Flow for Flexibility & Strength - 50 Min - Intermediate

    I have a new intermediate yoga class that is beautifully designed. A chance to flow and find freedom.

    We'll start by tapping into the rich resource of yourself. Connect to your intention for the class and begin awakening your kundalini energy and life force. Using circular motions to awaken yo...

  • Yoga for Fascial Freedom with Gravity Synthesis Routines - All Levels

    Breathe in new prana, energy and light force in a new restorative class for fascial freedom. This style of class is great for a warm-up, cool-down, in the morning, afternoon or really anytime to reset your energy.

    This class has yoga and kundalini yoga combined with my darling husband Gerald C...

  • Yoga for Inner Peace & Inner Fire

    No matter the time of day, allow time to stop as you tune in, tap into the rich resource of yourself. Everything you need is already within.

    “Ego says – Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel inner peace. Spirit says – Find your inner peace and then everything will fall into place.” Mari...

  • Yoga for Release & Letting Go (45 Minute Class - All Levels)

    ​Join me in a new yoga practice to release. It could be releasing anger, sadness, guilt, darkness, a heavy heart, a sense of lack, a sense of unworthiness, bitterness, jealousy, envy, it could be releasing anything that does not serve you. Just beyond this feeling, is you blossoming towards the l...

  • SEASON FINALE - Glowing Meal Plan Series - Season 2 Episode 6

    Get access to new breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes in the season final of the glowing meal plan series. I didn't hold back and offer a nice variety of meals to enjoy! I hope you all love them as much as we did. Comment if you liked it! Perhaps I'll see you in a future season. If not, until nex...

  • NEW Glowing Meal Plan Series - Season 2 Episode 5

    Welcome back dear friends to the glowing meal plan series, season 2 episode 5. In week 5 you'll have new breakfast options to explore and tasty dinners to keep the variety, flavor, fresh ingredients and healthy food abundant in your life. We do have some comfort classics this week and light optio...

  • Glowing Meal Plan Series - Season 2 Episode 3

    Season 2 of the Glowing Meal Plan Series is tasting absolutely delicious! In episode 3 we explore a variety of plant-based foods from the fluffiest muffins to the freshest gourmet salads, tacos, Goddess Vegetable Soup, Moussaka and more. Unbeatable flavors. Breakfast options, lunch ideas and 5 Di...

  • Glowing Meal Plan Series - Season 2 Episode 4

    This week is all about the flavor. Give it to me hot, stack it high, pile it on and serve it up. It's amazing what good food you can eat while enjoying a healthy plant-based lifestyle. This week is full of brand new premium recipes you won't want to miss. Think comfort food to the max. This episo...

  • Glowing Meal Plan Series - Season 2 Episode 2

    Welcome back to the Glowing Meal Plan Series filled with delicious food!

    What's on the menu?
    Watch to find out!! 100% New Exclusive Recipes all for you!

    I hope you enjoy these healthy and delicious plantbased meals.

    This meal plan is designed for two people but may be revised easily, ...

  • Glowing Meal Plan Series - Season 2 Episode 1

    Welcome back to the Glowing Meal Plan Series filled with delicious food!

    What's on the menu?
    Chili and Cornbread
    Wraps & more!

    You'll love this new meal plan filled with healthy plantbased food.

    This meal plan is designed for two people but may be revised easily, double for fou...