Yoga with Christa

Yoga with Christa

Move your body, find length and develop strength while taking a journey into the inner body and uniting with your higher self.

Yoga with Christa
  • Goddess Shakti Yoga Flow - 30 Minutes

    Hi Beautiful Yogi’s today we’re going to tune into the Divine Femine. Whether female or male we can all tap into this softer aspect of ourselves.

    This is a call to tap into your feminine roots, into your divine self. Allow the layers to come off, the tension to melt away, as you gradually sur...

  • Energetic Shift: 25 Minute Yoga Routine | Yoga with Christa

    This 25 minute yoga routine is designed to help you feel your entire body open, stretching, relaxing and releasing tension. Providing a mental, emotional and energetic reset. Feel the energetic shift. Namaste

  • Full Body Zen Flow with Christa - 50 Minutes

    Join me in an absolutely delicious and delightful yoga practice. It starts off very slow, you warm up nicely, build heat, gain flexibility, have time to practice fun things like half-moon, warrior 3, the splits, shoulder stand, plough and headstand. This is a well rounded practice that will take ...

  • Yoga - Here and Now

    Roll out your mat. Step on it. Feel the ground beneath you. Breathe into yourself. I invite you to join me in a quick practice that focuses our attention on the here & now.

    A moment to twist, stretch, lengthen, balance, challenge yourself and restore all while staying in tune with each moment...

  • Gentle Yoga for Everyone - All Levels Welcome

    Breathe in. Breathe out. Connect with your breath and yourself in this new Gentle Yoga for Everyone where All Levels are welcome. An intentionally slow placed practice to connect with your breath, body, mind and spirit. Namaste.

    Enjoy free access for a limited time! Available only to premium ...

  • Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow with Christa - 40 Minutes

    This is a Power Yoga Vinyasa Flow that has been created just for you. I often indulge in sweets and like to burn it off, this flow is designed with that in mind. Burn baby burn! I love all the aspects of yoga…slow, restorative, gentle yet sometimes I love to build an inner fire and let it burn. T...

  • 20 Minute Yoga with Gerald and Christa Clark | Stretch & Tone

    Join Gerald and Christa Clark in a mindful yoga practice that starts off slow, builds a little heat, targets your abs and obliques with Gerald's core work and then eases back out of it.

    Explore your breath, your body and enjoy this time for yourself. This practice is bound to welcome results ...

  • 20 Minute Restorative Yoga Practice (Gentle, Relaxing, Healing)

    In less than 20 minutes you can lengthen and stretch your body, releasing stress and tension naturally in this restorative yoga practice. I even share some of Gerald's Structural Integration techniques that can be used daily to relieve shoulder tension and find greater balance in your body. You c...

  • 30 Minute Yoga to Lengthen & Strengthen - Yoga with Christa

    ​Welcome to a 30 Minute Yoga Class to Lengthen & Strengthen! We'll begin by warming up our bodies with sun salutation variations, strengthening and lengthening along the way. Once you feel a good burn and are ready for a break it's already time to begin recovering.

    If you have a normal practi...

  • Full Body Burn in 20 Minutes

    Ignite. Spark. Light your inner fire and feel the burn in a new 20 minute yoga class. This class can be returned to again and again. Sometimes it is nice to get a quick burn and get back to work.

  • Seated Chair Yoga (Extended Version)

    Relieve back and shoulder tension in this seated chair yoga sequence. It is beneficial to practice yoga and what an easy way to do it, while seated. This is a great video for anyone wanting to incorporate yoga into their day and especially nice if the assistance of a chair is helpful. The origina...

  • Yoga for a Strong Bod & Legs

    Join Christa in a 30 Minute Yoga Practice designed to light your inner fire. This is a yoga "burn" sequence where you can sculpt your body lean while stretching it long. Enjoy this new premium practice!

  • Yoga for Your Hips

    Our hips are so vital to keep loose and limber, I know mine can get quite tight. This was designed to provide comfort and relief and may even take your practice further. Hop on your mat and stretch deep!

  • Morning Yoga: Surrender

    Hop on your mat and flow with me. This is a morning routine that was recorded in the morning as my practice on this day. It starts slow, builts a little heat and ends soft and swiftly. A little bit goes a long way. I love to start my day with yoga, do you?

    The theme is Surrender.


  • Yoga for Balance

    In this yoga practice you'll be invited to try various standing postures on one leg, these are great to finding your center and to improve your balance. Find length and strength as you stretch, move and breathe through this new yoga class designed for you by Christa.

    This practice is designed...

  • MER KA BA MEDITATION with Stunning Effects!

    Enjoy this 17 Breath Mer Ka Ba Meditation as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book series The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. We start by cleansing each chakra during the clearing breaths with each chakra illuminated thanks to Gerald Clark's wonderful CGI effects. These are here to h...

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 1 of 5: Self Pelvic Lift

    A self pelvic lift is something you can do daily, relaxing into this posture from 1 to 15 minutes. Gerald Clark walks you through how to do a self pelvic lift while Christa demonstrates. Enjoy the benefits.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 2 of 5: Arm Rotations

    Arm Rotations can be done daily enjoying the benefits of having your shoulder blades come onto the ground. This can be repeated throughout the day. Gerald Clark walks you through each step of the arm rotations while Christa demo's.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 3 of 5: Leg Rotations

    Leg Rotations can be done daily to find straight legs. Gerald Clark walks you through each step of the leg rotations while Christa follows along.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 4 of 5: How to Sit

    We all sit down but how we sit can make a world of a difference in our day to day life. Learn how to sit properly with Gerald's guidance and Christa's presentation.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 5 of 5: Walking

    It's back to the basics with Gerald Clark. Learn how to stand and walk with Gerald's guidance and Christa's presentation.